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    Education Is Important

    Unfortunately all of us, at some point, will be faced with having to make a decision on how to best care for mom/dad, or even ourselves, when day to day tasks become too difficult. Tasks such as taking a shower, making a sandwich, sweeping, and even going to the bathroom will become a hindrance. As we age we are going to become more dependent on others to help with such things. It is important to begin educating ourselves now, so that when the time comes we will be able to make the best, informed choice possible. There are numerous avenues to explore from help in the home, assisted living, and even nursing home…

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    It’s Time to Take Care of YOU

      One of the most important jobs of being a caregiver is taking care of yourself. It is so easy to get caught up in the needs of others and to overlook your own. We have to be at our best to care at our best. Caregiver burnout can lead to exhaustion, increased risk for depression, poor eating habits, sleep deprivation, and increased health problems. It is important to ask for help when needed. Don’t be afraid to call a friend, neighbor, or agency to help you with daily tasks. Even small things such as going to the grocery store or taking a short stroll around the block can give you the energy…

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    Caring For Family

    As our parents age, our roles become reversed…..the ones who took care of us are now needing us to take care of them. And little things such as memory loss and moving from room to room can cause significant stress on those loved ones filling the need as caretaker. “I hadn’t realized how quickly my father’s mind was fading until one morning a few years ago when he asked me why he was taking only six medications per day. “What will I take on the seventh day?” he wanted to know.” As the baby boomers continue to age, there will be more and more families facing the challenges of parental caretaking. We understand the…

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    For Better or Worse

    “For better or worse”. A commitment most of us have promised to on our wedding day. On such a beautiful occasion we tend to envision only the best in everything.  However, for one couple the worst  brought out the best in their relationship. Deciding to travel the world versus putting his wife in a nursing home, Andy chose to make the best out of their frightening situation.  And in doing so they have created a life of love, devotion, and adventure. “My parents have really tested the ‘for better or worse, in sickness and in health’ part of their wedding vows,” says daughter Allison Peters, “but my mom getting sick never changed their love for one another.…

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    Shared Housing

    Caring for a parent can be difficult. They are independent adults and do not want to be treated any differently. After all, they are still the parent. “You’re dealing with people who have pride and their own ways of doing things,” Ms. Ram said. “You want to be respectful and sensitive, but you can get frustrated as well. It’s a delicate thing.” As our parents grow older, our roles shift. This shift allows us (the children) to take over as caregivers to our parents. Shared housing is continually growing in our county. And sometimes we just need help…… Helping those who are helping others is what we do. New York Times: Multi generational…